The “Parquéate Bien” program will continue to regulate parking for the benefit of mobility

The Instituto Nacional de Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre (Intrant) informed that the regulation and control program “Parquéate Bien” will continue to operate in the sectors already implemented (Naco, Piantini, Paraíso and Serallés), with the purpose of promoting mobility and road safety.

It is recalled that the program implemented in the aforementioned sectors of the capital seeks to facilitate traffic, through the reduction of congestion caused by parking in the wrong places, as well as to protect pedestrians and reduce traffic accidents.

“Parquéate Bien” is an inter-institutional effort for the benefit of mobility and counts with the participation of Intrant as the governing body of transportation, in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (Digesett) and the Mayor’s Office of the National District (ADN).

Among the streets included in the program are Poncio Sabater, Francisco Carias Lavandier, Freddy Prestol Castillo, José Amado Soler, David Ben Gurión, Pablo Casals, Manuel Henríquez, Boy Scout, Dr. Jacinto Mañón, Seminario, Fernando Escobar, Filomena Gómez de Cova and Z streets.

It also contemplates the Heriberto Pieter, the Orlando Martínez, the Licenciado Carlos Sánchez, the Padre Fantino Falco, the Max Henríquez Ureña, the Roberto Pastoriza, the Profesor Aliro Paulino, the Gilberto Gómez, the Tetelo Vargas, the Salvador Sturla, the Presidente González, the Gustavo Mejía Ricart, the Rafael A. Sánchez, Cub Scouts street, Gracita Álvarez, Manuel Perdomo, Dr. Emil Kasse Acta, Luis Alberti, Luis Lembert, del Carmen, Jaycees 72, S. Nolasco, Santa María, General Cambiaso, Alberto Larancuent, Manuel Henríquez and Ingeniero Juan P. Bonilla.

Intrant informed that drivers whose vehicles are towed for bad parking in the sectors where Parquéate Bien operates, should go to the collection center located in the parking lot of the Intrant headquarters, with their driver’s license, insurance and certificate of ownership of the vehicle (license plate), in order to exhaust the corresponding legal procedure for the payment of the fine and return of the unit.

Likewise, the institution informed that citizens may contact Intrant’s permanent hotline via WhatsApp, at (849) 455-2772, in case they require information on any of its services.

In the same way, Intrant requested the citizen’s contribution in order not to park in places that obstruct vehicular and pedestrian traffic and that violate the safety of citizens, while announcing that, in the future, it will be informed about the new sectors where the implementation of this project will be carried out, after the technical surveys and adaptations of the place.


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