What a future for the Dominican Republic !

JUNE 2020

The Dominican spirit has just achieved its full meaning…

Dominican Republic Flag For The Future 01First of all, I want to thank the Lord:

  • When I see all those around the world who are lost, terrified, desperate, in situations so complicated, nobody could have imagined a few weeks ago.
  • When I see that here in the Dominican Republic, the population is recovering slowly but surely, with less than 600 deaths to date (Source: Wikipedia) out of a population of nearly 11 million people.

You would never have imagined or believed how things would turn out for the DR

After God, we must, above all, thank the Dominicans for this formidable lesson in civility and recognize with great tribute their absolute respect and full compliance with health regulations, curfews, and public order with the greatest humility.

The distancing measures were not a natural fit for Dominicans, who typically hug you warmly in their arms when they greet you on the street or in the supermarket. Here the spirit is naturally more celebratory than sad. Whatever the situation and problems of daily life, we always put aside the negative, and the joy of life takes hold of them with a bright smile or with eyes full of love. Here we put everything that can happen—good or bad—in the hands of the Lord, whom we thank every day for offering us these extra hours of life.

Dominicans were born in a rich land with their hearts in their hands. Today the Dominicans, with their responsible behavior, have just saved their country. The Dominican has just saved not only his and her future but also that of their children.

Now, after what has just happened, many Europeans, among others, have understood that their modern healthcare and hospital system is no longer responding to any emergency in the event of a significant problem. I will overlook the general disorganization, the lack of budgets and equipment, etc., so as not to go into the political aspect because I want my observation to remain social.

By obligation, many of these Europeans are not only reviewing their way of thinking, organizing, and managing their daily lives but especially their future. This fragile balance between illusion and reality has most definitely been upset.

Thus, directors of companies will realize the uselessness of some of their offices and agencies when their employees can work from home. The useless and the superfluous will give way, therefore, to the essential and the strictly necessary, either from a family, professional or material point of view.

We also discovered, in specific regions and for all generations, that interest in creation has suddenly led to an interest in the Creator.

Then, in our developed countries, many families will move from the center of the big cities to the outskirts, closer to the countryside and to the large green spaces that have been very scarce lately. Within a few weeks, the apartment with a balcony became unbearable and conjured bad memories.

We now come to this small percentage of the European population, who only four months ago, hesitated to take the big step of leaving Europe and trying a great adventure elsewhere, abroad in the Caribbean: the Dominican Republic, for example. These people are already preparing their departure and their suitcases because these last few weeks have convinced them of the importance of going to spend the rest of their retirement elsewhere. They need to change their horizons quickly, but most of all, never relive that nightmare again!

To these people, I would like to say that many others before them, and even long before this situation was imaginable, have already made this decision 20 years, even 40 years ago for the older ones, to come and live here in the Dominican Republic. And they are doing very well. If you happen to know one of them, please take a moment to discuss them and share your quarantine experiences.

What a future for the Dominican Republic!

No, this is not a question to follow with an evasive answer. It is a statement supported by economic studies such as that of Martín Rama, Director of the World Bank for the Caribbean and Latin America. Published on April 12, 2020, the statement confirms that only three countries will emerge unscathed from the Covid-19 crisis, namely Guyana, Dominica, and the Dominican Republic, with projected increases of 2.5% in 2021 and 4% in 2022 (Source: World Bank).

Additionally, is the analysis and projected end of the Coronavirus in the Dominican Republic for July (Source: EndCoronavirus.org). The Dominican Republic was already removed from monitored countries when this article was published, May 19, 2020. It did not even appear on the site.

Immigration conditions have hardened over the years, but much remains unrealized in development and tourism in the Dominican Republic. The professional qualities of foreigners are always welcome. Of course, all service sectors like hotels and restaurants come first. Employees continue to be trained on the job, and there are still very few schools that detect talent and recognize it nationally and then internationally. Therefore, the door is open to visionaries, such as French gastronomy chefs, who, after a successful career, want to come and pass on their knowledge to future Dominican generations.

In the same way, the construction sector is already being preselected in terms of quality and luxury, and no longer in terms of cost, and this is only the beginning because new construction standards imposed by civil engineers will be added soon. There is also an influx of international expert consultants, construction specialists in the Caribbean, and the Antilles.

The Dominican Republic has always been a country of service, but now this service has become high-end. The American and European clientele knows how to recognize these qualities thanks to its high standards, and the increasing influx of foreign tourists each year shows that this requirement is more than satisfied.

And then, in a flash, the surprised tourist suddenly becomes a passionate investor! This is the classic path for all who live here now. One night, during a dinner with your feet in the sand or with a view of the sea and a smile lined with happiness, you will undoubtedly be told about this beautiful adventure (for some), this stroke of madness (for others). Above all, you will understand why they will never return to their native country.

The Dominican Republic, who does not know?

For those who do not know it yet, do not hesitate to come and visit us.

Today, Dominicans have once again demonstrated their intelligence in a new world situation without the need for long useless speeches or absurd negotiations. Well done.

For those isolated from their native Dominican Republic, and those who patiently wait to be able to live here again, I know that you are all waiting for the moment of happiness that will be reuniting with family and friends.

To all of you, with all our hearts, we hope to see you around here soon.

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