Russian astronaut highlights Dominican Republic’s beauty from the Space Station

Russian astronaut Oleg Viktorovich Novitsky published a photo of the Dominican Republic from the International Space Station (ISS), at an altitude of approximately 400 meters and a speed of over 27,000 kilometers per hour. The scientist and military officer accompanied the photo with a text highlighting the tourist attractions of this country.

“I looked out the window and there we flew over the most visited country in the Caribbean: Dominican Republic.

This paradise on Earth is remembered by guests for its fantastic views and nature, which conquers so much that involuntarily one wants to become a part of it,” the text of Viktorovich Novitsky says.

The cosmonaut was born on October 12, 1971 in Červień, Belarus. He is a lieutenant colonel in the Russian Air Force, selected in 2006.

Novitski was launched as part of the Soyuz TMA-06M crew on October 23, 2012 and returned on March 16, 2013. He was part of Expedition 50. He arrived at the ISS aboard Soyuz MS-03 on November 16, 2016 and returned on June 2, 2017.

Official data establish that the Dominican Republic registered in April its best tourism data since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, with the arrival of more than 280,000 foreign visitors during that month, affirmed this Thursday the Minister of Tourism, David Collado.

“April has been the best month for the Dominican Republic in tourism after the pandemic”, surpassing even December, which is traditionally the period of greatest boom in this segment, said the official at a press conference.

Hotel bookings, according to travel portal Expedia, are 153% above those of January 2018, the best year for Dominican tourism “in its entire history,” while search engines place the Dominican Republic among the top five tourist destinations to go on vacation, he said.

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