Dominican Embassy in Kingston inaugurates high-level dialogues with relevant sectors of Jamaica and Dominican Republic

The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Kingston inaugurated the initiative “Round Table of the Dominican Embassy in Jamaica”, a space through which it intends to promote high-level dialogues with relevant sectors of Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, such as the public sector, private enterprise, tourism, agribusiness, construction, culture, academia, among others. Dominican Ambassador Angie Martinez said “the Roundtable aims to become a space for permanent dialogue to discuss issues that will allow us to advance in our goal of strengthening ties and establishing what we have called the new era in bilateral relations between Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Through these sectoral meetings we intend to achieve concrete actions that will effectively contribute to generate economic and commercial synergies of reciprocal benefits, further strengthening bilateral relations between both nations” “This May we celebrate in Jamaica the month of the exporter, so we decided to inaugurate the initiative with a high-level conversation with the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA, the most influential and relevant trade association of industries and exporters of this Caribbean country and a key partner in the efforts to achieve a win-win relationship through more dynamic economic relations between the two countries,” said the international lawyer and career diplomat. The president of this important Jamaican trade association, which brings together more than 450 industries and companies, Mr. John Mahfood, pointed out the particular importance of initiating this dialogue in the understanding that Jamaica and the Dominican Republic are neighboring countries that can support each other in the objective of strengthening their economies through intra-regional trade, instead of turning to more distant and more costly markets. The three-hour event was held at the Official Residence of the Dominican Republic and was attended by the entire board of the Jamaica Exporters and Manufacturers Association, including its new Executive Director, Kamesha Blake, as well as member owners and managers of leading companies in the food, pharmaceutical, non-alcoholic beverage, beverage, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, pharmaceutical, soft drinks, infusions, tea, furniture, construction, logistics and distribution, among others, who expressed a strong interest in doing business with the Dominican Republic, not only to export, but to source raw materials produced in the country, as well as to make investments. The embassy team had the opportunity to explain to those present the advantages of investing and expanding their business in the Dominican Republic, as well as the concrete steps being taken to establish a new era in bilateral relations between Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, while they were able to learn first hand the vision of the members of the JMEA in relation to bilateral trade between the two nations. At the end, Ambassador Angie Martinez reiterated that they could count on the Dominican Embassy in Kingston as an ally and friend to grow their business and trade relations with the Dominican Republic “the bilateral trade between Jamaica and the Dominican Republic has an unexplored potential. From the Embassy of the Dominican Republic we will be working hand in hand with you to found together this new era of our bilateral relations, which is why we are taking concrete steps to establish a new framework that will mutually benefit our trade relations, which passes, among others, to find new ways to strengthen trade, investment and productive linkages between the two nations; achieve greater air and maritime connectivity; and of course the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce.

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