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Dear reader, did you think that the first people to arrive in what is now New York State were English, Dutch or perhaps Vikings? Well no, the first person to arrive in that region was originally from the Dominican Republic in 1613. His name is Juan Rodriguez and Brodway Avenue, between 159 and 218, bears his name, an area populated mostly by Dominicans.

For emigrant is the one who leaves, while immigrant is the one who arrives. A migrant, on the other hand, is one who simply moves from one place of origin to another. Our designer was an emigrant.

Oscar de la Renta’s father did not hesitate to support his son when he told him that he wanted to devote himself to abstract painting, that is when he went to Madrid to study at the Real Escuela de Arte de San Fernando.

And destiny took him to work in the Madrid atelier of the great Cristóbal Balenciaga, where he achieved his first success, because from his hands came the sketch of a fabulous dress for Beatriz Lodge, daughter of the then U.S. ambassador to Spain.

And that same design was on the cover of the weekly magazine Life wearing the creation of Oscar de la Renta, with which it went around the world and his name began to sound in the most influential circles. The rest is history.

This international award named after Oscar de la Renta, to which I refer in my delivery today is a recognition to Dominicans who stand out in different areas, as there are many compatriots who have developed an extraordinary life, a worthy work for their community, as happened with our designer.

They were created to recognize the merits of men and women who, with their actions, elevate the name of the country of their birth, promote the values of the nationality and motivate the emigrant population to stand out positively.

For this third award, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has extended the deadline to receive nominations for the Dominican Emigrant Award until next Friday, September 10. Mr. Oscar de la Renta.

And encourages institutions, non-profit organizations and individuals to propose nominations of outstanding Dominicans abroad to recognize them for their great work done outside their homeland.

If anyone knows of a Dominican emigrant who has stood out for his or her excellent work career and who has contributed to the welfare and prosperity of the community where he or she resides, maintaining close ties of service to our homeland, we urge them to submit their nomination through the corresponding entities.

In closing, this is part of a reality dictated by the fundamental objectives of a proactive and participatory foreign policy led by our President Luis Abinader and executed by Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez.


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