FADE, a project to help Dominicans abroad

Servia Familia, Kenia Bidó, Ramón Ceballos and Lily Florentino submitted a bill that creates the Fund for the Assistance of Dominicans Abroad (Fade), so that the State may allocate economic resources to attend to the needs of Creoles in the United States, Europe and those who have migrated to other countries.

The law renews the commitment of the Dominican State to promote the welfare and quality of life of its citizens abroad, with the responsibility that it assumes in the national territory.

The Fade would be a state agency, but decentralized, with administrative and financial autonomy, its own patrimony, with legal personality and capacity to contract rights and obligations.

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It would be administered by a council, presided by the Executive Power, with representatives of Migration, the Export Center, Foreign Affairs, Economy and other State entities.

Its administration would be in charge of an administrative council, integrated by a delegate of the Executive Power, who will preside it; a vice-president who will act as administrative director, the General Director of Migration, the Director of the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD) and delegates of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economy, Planning and Development, Tourism, Culture, the Institute of Dominicans Abroad, Agriculture and Housing.

In the motivation of the same, they point out that its purpose is that the Dominican State develops actions and programs to help Dominicans living in the United States and other latitudes, so that they can improve their quality of life and strengthen their ties with the Dominican Republic.

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