Collado unveils new date for Airbnb regularization

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, revealed that in October he would be reaching the final phase of talks to sign the agreement that will regularize vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb in the country.

He acknowledged that Airbnb is a reality in the Dominican Republic that is gaining more and more ground in lodging rentals, as the platform’s offer amounts to 93,000 rooms in the country.

“They are a reality that the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) can regularize, but not act on them to collect taxes,” he explained.

Collado reiterated that in October the agreement will be signed to regularize the rooms, ensure that the offer corresponds to reality, services and tourist safety are guaranteed.

Regarding the payment of the tax, he explained that “this is up to the DGII. The tax is not paid by the Dominican, it is paid by Airbnb and they are not opposed to paying. That is also on the way”, according to Diario Libre.

Source: Arecoa

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