Deputies withdraw benefits to private airplanes

The Chamber of Deputies accepted and approved in a single reading the observations made by the Executive Branch to the new Civil Aviation Law, so that with the authorization, private airplanes were left out of the tax benefits provided by the regulation.

The law had been approved in the Chamber of Deputies and sent to President Luis Abinader for its promulgation, but was returned to the Lower House because the Executive Power observed that the legislators added several articles that were not in the original bill.

In his letter, the President refers to the inclusion of private and cargo airplanes that were not contemplated in the original bill sent by the Executive Branch to Congress, but were added by the congressmen while the initiative was being studied.

The original bill of the Executive Power established that the tax benefits would be given to international commercial passenger flights, operated by Dominican or foreign airlines that have permanent establishments in the country.

While the modification of the congressmen extended the provision to the transportation of cargo, national and international mail and to all activities related to the commercial exploitation of civil aircraft routes.

For this reason, the president of the Industry and Commerce Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Darío Zapata, explained that private airplanes were excluded from the incentives because their integration “could be seen as a privilege” for the aforementioned aircraft sector.

Zapata said that the new law comes to “strengthen and open great opportunities” for the Dominican Republic in tourism and, therefore, called his colleagues to vote in favor of the observations, according to Diario Libre.

Source: Arecoa

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