DR first Latin American country to join She’s Next initiative

Seeks to empower Dominican women entrepreneurs and businesswomen in their efforts to finance, manage and grow their small businesses.

Visa, a global leader in digital payments, announced the launch of its global initiative She’s Next in the Dominican Republic, the first in Latin America and the Caribbean. In collaboration with IFundWomen, the program seeks to empower Dominican women entrepreneurs and business owners in their efforts to finance, manage and grow their small businesses in a global advocacy program that provides information and practical tools for women business owners.

To help break down the many barriers still faced by women entrepreneurs in the country, the She’s Next program in the Dominican Republic, powered by Visa, will offer five contributions of US$5,000 each to an equal number of selected businesses at an event where the stories of these businesses, how their owners conceived the idea, what it solves, and the obstacles, challenges and challenges encountered along the way will be told.

“The She’s Next program evokes the woman who is already or is looking to become a great entrepreneur, who with her business contributes to the maintenance of her family, but at the same time generates job opportunities, stimulating and contributing to the economy in her community and the country. Visa is looking forward to helping her boost her business,” said Sofia Antor, general manager of Visa Dominican Republic.

She highlighted that She’s Next is part of Visa’s commitment to foster an environment that allows women to have equal access to commerce, adopting the use of digital payments to bring innovation, efficiency, security and convenience to their customers, which will allow them to prosper and become more competitive.

Formally launched in the United States in January 2019, She’s Next has opened doors for women entrepreneurs around the world by supporting their efforts to grow their businesses. Visa has hosted thousands of women entrepreneurs in in-person and virtual workshops with inspirational talks from female founders, networking and hands-on trainings with industry experts. This program has been launched in more than 15 countries, including the United States, Canada, India, Ireland, Vietnam, Egypt, Morocco, UAE, Saudi Arabia and now the Dominican Republic.

Since 2020, Visa has globally invested more than US$2.5 million in contributions and training through She’s Next.

Seeking to close gender gaps

Female entrepreneurship is growing, yet gender gaps persist. Women business owners and managers face a unique set of challenges, including access to capital and networks. -She’s Next addresses these barriers and makes a meaningful difference for women in SMEs, thereby promoting the collective improvement of the small business community.

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