DR presents exportable offer at Fruit Logística fair in Germany

The executive director of the Dominican Republic Export and Investment Center (ProDominicana), Biviana Riveiro, and the Dominican ambassador to Germany, Francisco Caraballo, together with Dominican exhibiting companies, formally opened the Dominican Republic pavilion at the Fruit Logística fair, a leading event for the global fresh fruit and vegetable trade.

This year the event will be attended by more than 3,000 exhibitors from more than 91 countries, including the Dominican Republic, and it is estimated that the attendance of commercial agents will exceed 40,000 people.

Riveiro emphasized that, from ProDominicana, opening doors for Dominican producers in foreign markets is a priority. “We have a commitment to the National Plan for the Promotion of Exports 2020-2030 launched by President Abinader and we comply with the mandate of the National Development Strategy (END) 2030.”

The executive director assured that by combining productive development policies and the promotion of exports “we will achieve an impact on specific objective 3.51 of the END, which includes promoting export development based on a competitive insertion in international markets, and objective 3.5.3 to raise productivity, competitiveness and environmental and financial sustainability of agro-productive chains, in order to contribute to food security and take advantage of export potential and generate employment and income for the rural population”.

Ambassador Francisco Caraballo said that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a firm mandate to promote foreign policy from a commercial perspective, and he assured that this diplomatic mission is working to support companies and exporters, thereby strengthening the important commercial ties we have with Germany”.

Biviana Riveiro, executive director of ProDominicana, stated that “we are very pleased with the overall increase in our exports, especially in the German market where, at the close of 2022, exports to Germany totaled USD 133.3 million, for a growth of 15% over 2021. The main products exported to this nation are cigarettes, medical instruments, fresh bananas, tobacco and fresh bananas”.

The Dominican Republic pavilion included the participation of the following companies: Bayanas Gold, AMR Agro, Caralinda Agroindustrial SRL, Ely Import & Export, Antonio R. Taveras Agroindustrial, Agrio, Vermount Export, GI SILA, Quality Agro Export, Sun Food Export (SUFOEX), LandFruits, Exportadora Tavarez, Grupo Iren Dominicana, Grupo Banamiel, J. Frankenberg, Oliver & Oliver, among others. Among the products exhibited by Dominican companies at the fair are: pineapple, coconut, avocado, mango, lemons, chili peppers, bananas and rum.

Producers will also have the opportunity until February 10 to conduct important business rounds with technical assistance from representatives of the institution.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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