FEDA launches plan to relaunch the coconut sector in the DR

Seedlings delivered in Pedernales, Barahona, San Juan, Paraíso, Pimentel and Samaná

The Special Fund for Agricultural Development (FEDA) delivered 90,000 thousand high quality coconut seedlings to associations and producers in the regions:

  • Enriquillo
  • El Valle
  • Northeast

These deliveries are aimed at promoting the recovery of this crop and reinforcing the agricultural tradition of the communities.

The plants with a value of more than 21 million pesos were delivered by the director of FEDA, Hecmilio Galván, in acts that took place in places such as the auditorium of the Universidad Católica Tecnológica de Barahona (Ucateba) and the town hall of Samaná.

Also, the producers were presented at the town hall of Pimentel, in the province of Duarte, the fairs of PedernalesFEDA Plan RD and Paraíso, Barahona, and the Francisco Alberto Caamaño amphitheater in San Juan.

National Relaunch Plan

According to FEDA’s press release, the first phase of the National Plan for the Relaunching of the Dominican Republic’s Coconut Sector consists of the delivery of 500 plants to each producer of the Brazilian Dwarf or Alto del Atlántico variety with the objective of promoting between 50 and 35 tasks per trained producer.

Also, between 50 and 150 seedlings are delivered to entrepreneurs and young people to encourage planting.

Galván said that the dwarf varieties produce at three years of life and that each plant can produce 200 coconut per period and the productive life of the tree is 25 years, so it is a good source of income to the producer.

The document indicates that the government of Luis Abinader promotes coconut planting through FEDA with a plan that includes a training program for the country’s producers, technical assistance and later the promotion of industrialization and financing for planting.

During the month of January, deliveries of seedlings and the start of the plan were made for the Enriquillo and Northeast regions, but in the coming days deliveries will be made to producers in all areas of the country.

The government has decided to promote the planting of coconut because the country has a great potential for this crop due to its climate, however, it is currently an importer of coconut, so it is necessary to stimulate the current production.

Source: Diariolibre.com

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