Government estimates that tourism will contribute US$10 billion to the economy by 2023

The Government took stock of the economic performance during 2023, a year in which the fiscal deficit was reduced from 3.2% to 3.1%, thanks to the healthy figures contributed by tourism, with foreign exchange generation estimated at 10 billion dollars and the export of free zones, whose amounts rose by more than 7,445 million.

In the edition of “La Semanal”, President Luis Abinader gathered his economic staff, including Héctor Valdez Arbizu, Governor of the Central Bank, and cited data: per capita income was US$11,200.

Inflation, whose control was one of the main objectives, he said, was at 3.55%.

“In addition, foreign direct investment (FDI) could end at 4.2 billion dollars, for an inter-annual growth of 5%; while international reserves stood at 15,457.7 million dollars,” Abinader said.

He explained that “in the middle of last year, as a strategy, the Government began a relaxation with the lowering of the TPM (Monetary Policy Rate), from 8.5% to 7.0%, applied by the Central Bank”.

“In 2023, while tourism in the world decreased by -13.1 %, that of the DR rose by 22 %, above what it grew in 2019,” he said.

It is recalled that recently, the Government celebrated the arrival of 10 million visitors in a sector that contributed, according to the data mentioned by the first president, according to Diario Libre.



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