Vice President Raquel Peña heads Council of Government

Vice President Raquel Peña headed a meeting of the Council of Government at the National Palace on Tuesday, where the General State Budget for the year 2024, which will be one trillion three hundred and seventy-one billion pesos, was announced.

This information was given by the ministers of the Presidency, Joel Santos, and of Finance, José Manuel (Jochi) Vicente, at the end of the meeting which took place in the Government Council Room of the National Palace.

The Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos, specified that this draft budget at the level of expenditure is one trillion three hundred and seventy-one billion pesos, with a growth in the economy expected for 2024, of 4.8%, and an inflation of 4%.

“But above all with a combination of economic growth, development of important works. It includes 4 % of education, the social items that are always fundamental and a combination that seeks to maintain economic stability, growth and social aspects”, assured the official.

On his side, the Minister of Finance, José Manuel (Jochi) Vicente, indicated that the budget will be submitted to the chambers before October 1, in order to comply with the mandate of the Budget Law.

He added that the budget contemplates a deficit of 3.1%, incorporating the President’s priorities in important works, such as the Santiago Monorail, which has been allocated DR 20 billion pesos, the completion of line 2C of the subway, with DR 11 billion pesos, and social protection, with the subsidies that the government has.

Binational Trade

In relation to binational commerce in the entire border area, Minister Joel Santos said that the Government will continue to provide assistance to traders, through the purchase of the main products that may be affected, in order to maintain the sustainability of the area.

He reported that today, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ito Bisonó, and a whole team, were at the border and met with all the main institutions of the area and traders.

“What the president has said on different occasions, is that what is important is the integrity of the territory of the Dominican Republic, which is non-negotiable.”


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