Violeta Bastardo will represent the DR in the Washington D.C. parade

Journalist Violeta Bastardo will be the face of the Dominican Republic at the Fiesta DC parade in the city of Washington in the United States, where the achievements of the cultural and Latino diversity of that city will be celebrated.

Born in Santiago de los Caballeros, Bastardo arrived in New York in 2007, and has managed to position herself as a reporter in large multinational networks in the United States such as Univision, Telemundo and NTN24, the latter born from the alliance of Fox and RCN of Colombia.

“This means a lot to me, I feel very proud to be able to put the name of my country on high, and show that dreams do come true when you focus on your goal, taking into account all the difficulties I had to face upon my arrival, such as the poor command of the language and my mother’s cancer,” said Bastardo.

The Fiesta DC Grand Parade celebrates its 50th anniversary and this year is dedicated to the Dominican Republic, is scheduled for September 11 and will feature children’s festivals, a beauty pageant, science fair, diplomatic pavilions for embassies and consulates, arts, crafts stations and traditional cuisine.

“I couldn’t believe when one of the organizers wrote me a message saying, ‘I want to see you shine that day, representing your land and your people.’ That notification filled me with happiness because I will also be one of the presenters of the event, where I will be able to present artists such as Toño Rosario, among others,” explained the journalist.

Bastardo began her career in Santiago’s Channel 25, in the beginning she collaborated in Nelson Javier’s program where she later became the channel’s news anchor.

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