Ministry of Women’s Affairs launches campaign “Living without Violence, It’s Possible”.

The Ministry of Women presented the campaign “Living Without Violence is Possible” with the aim of humanizing and positioning the Ministry as the institution that ensures the fulfillment of the rights of women, adolescents and girls, as well as to promote the services it offers.

The thematic axes of the institution’s campaign are actions of Awareness and Training, Legal and Psychological Assistance, Shelters, Emergency Line *212 and Institutional Role, which aim at building a culture of peace between women and men. To this is added the prevention and attention to gender and domestic violence, through testimonies that connect with both female and male audiences.

At the event, Minister Mayra Jiménez presented a summary of the main achievements after one year in office, including the implementation of the Strategic Plan for a Life Free of Violence for Women, Adolescents and Girls, the opening of 13 shelters, a policy of economic reparations for women victims of violence and in conditions of social and economic vulnerability.

“We have played a fundamental role in the prohibition of the dispensation that allowed child marriage and we have led the implementation of a policy for the prevention of teenage pregnancy and early unions, the creation of a National School of Equality with permanent courses to institute a culture of peace”, said the official.

She indicated that during her administration, the contents of a Chair for Life were elaborated, which will be part of the new curriculum in the extended school day and that a certification process has also been initiated with more than 20 companies and public and private institutions for the Dominican Republic Equalizing Seal.

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