The Voice to premiere the largest television studio in the country

The Voice Dominicana will begin on Sunday, July 4 on Telesistema.
This season will include 18 episodes that will be presented every Sunday.

The country is getting ready for the start of The Voice Dominicana, the local version of one of the most popular reality shows in the world, which will be recorded in a grandiose studio created to meet the demanding requirements of this popular franchise. And to get to know it, TCL Communication, one of the talent show’s sponsors, invited clients and members of the press to an exclusive tour of the new facilities together with Angie Rodríguez, general producer of the program, and Luz García, host of the show.

The studio has been built in the Esperanza Verde Commercial Logistic Center in the outskirts of the capital and has a space of around 2,600 square meters, divided into 1,280 meters for the main studio, 960 meters for a secondary studio and 420 meters for offices, dressing rooms, production and other areas. By the way, not only has the country’s largest television studio been built, but this project also created a source of jobs during the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

“The Voice Dominicana is going to have different stages,” comments Angie Rodriguez. “We are preparing now for the blind auditions stage. We auditioned approximately four thousand people from all over the country. There were a lot of talents and I am very happy and sad for not being able to choose all of them. Of them, 110 have already been chosen and will start rehearsing and recording soon”.

During the visit, the scenery was not yet set up, but these facilities were conceived to supply all the cinematographic services required to film any show. In the case of The Voice, it is expected that 15 cameras will be used on stage, 4 in dressing rooms and perhaps a few more.

The Voice dynamics

For this edition of The Voice, the judges were selected as the queen of merengue, Milly Quezada, the singer and producer Juan Magán, the Venezuelan singer Nacho and the exponent of the urban genre Musicólogo “El Libro”.

“We thought about the dynamics and what we need for the show,” Rodriguez explains about the process of selecting each coach. “It’s a family show, so we wanted people who could talk to the audience and the coaches about the music and what they were listening to.”

The next step for the show will be to prepare for its second stage, the battles. It will be in this phase that each coach will choose two members of his team to sing a song in harmony; whoever sings it best will win and move on to the next stage, called Knockouts, and so this talent show will continue until a winner is declared. In other words, The Voice Dominicana will comply with the guidelines that have made this brand a worldwide hit, but the Dominican edition will still have its own identity.

“Maestro Henry Jimenez is going to be the musical director,” declares Rodriguez. “The music and arrangements he is creating are excellent.”

In any case, this show can become a platform to develop and promote local talent that might normally go unnoticed.

“It’s the voice, but it’s also the passion, where they came from, why they want to sing. Many of these people have a dream and the opportunity to meet them there at every stage, to see them develop, for me is the most important thing,” comments Angie Rodriguez on the qualities that will bring out the talents on The Voice.

“When we see a contestant we look at everything, the voice, the story, but also the development. This person can develop at all stages, they can be an artist. There is a lot of talent here, but it is a process,” added the producer who has also been a producer of concerts in the U.S. and events for the Obama administration.

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