Weekend to make the route of the carnival 2022

This 2022 the month of Carnival cannot go unnoticed and the organizations that keep the tradition alive decided that it is time to go out and enjoy the Lechones, Los broncos and the Diablos Cojuelos. If you are going to the interior of the country, in Tiempo Libre we show you the activities in Santiago, La Vega, Cotuí and Punta Cana. If you are in the capital, the date is in several picturesque exhibitions. Note the date: the National Carnival Parade 2022 will be on Sunday, March 6 on the Malecón in Santo Domingo.

Exhibit in honor of Juampa at Banreservas

Dominican carnival has its iconic characters and Carnival Month features an exhibition by photographer Mariano Hernandez of pieces by 39 visual artists inspired by Juan Francisco Vasquez, better known as Juampa, which can be visited in the Ada Balcacer hall of the Banreservas Cultural Center in the Colonial City. In “El arte en la cabeza” Hernandez photographed unique designs created by painters as decoration for Juampa’s head, the most awarded character for his creations.

Among the artists who created original and colorful works are Mery Espejo, Juan Mayí, Elvis Avilés, Hilario Olivo, Ángel Urrely, Elsa Núñez, Amaya Salazar, Julia Hernández, Radhames Mejía, Julio Valentín, Rosa Tavares and José Morillo. The latter painted Juampa 2015 and valued his trajectory. His work stands out for the blue tones and the characters that symbolize the people, the congueros and the hustle and bustle. The exhibition is open until the end of March.

Karamache’ at Agora Mall

The emblematic character of ‘Robalagallina’ in a large sculpture can be appreciated in an exhibition in the central atrium of Agora Mall, in addition to the photographic selection Karamache, the name of the group of Santiago women who since 2013 take to the streets in February to present their creations and folklore. You can visit until March 31.

Exhibition at Centro León

After the recent edition of Carnavalito 2022, the magic of carnival continues at Centro León in Santiago de los Caballeros. Enjoy the exhibition “Lechón cuajao, amarillo y colorao”, dedicated to the main character of the Santiago Carnival that includes costumes, masks made in Los Pepines and La Joya. Open until mid-March.

La Vega Carnival

The cessation of measures by Covid-19 motivated the vegan authorities to hold their traditional carnival in an extraordinary way. Don’t miss the last parades of the vegan carnival from Friday, February 25 to Sunday, February 27. In the different caves the diablos cojuelos will come out, on the second day there will be a caravan through the streets and they will end with artistic presentations.

Santiago Carnival

If you go to the “Heart City” the stop is at the Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration to see the departure of the parades. The parade’s slogan is “Come with the three strokes: vaccine, mask and costume”. Los lechones and Robalagallina are waiting for you this weekend and it ends on Sunday 27 with the concert of Crazy Design, Kinito Méndez, musicologist and Deivi Cruz from 6:30 p.m.

Cotuí Carnival

Another traditional cultural festival is the Carnival of Cotuí. This Sunday 27th is the parade in the Duarte Park of this province. The ‘Platanuses’, the ‘papeluses’ and the ‘funduses’, in addition to the comparsa La Tribu, are from Cotuí, the land of Juan Francisco Vásquez (Juampa), the prominent municipality official who has been dressing up and making representative costumes for more than 50 years.

Punta Cana Carnival Expo

Although the 2022 edition of the PC Carnival has been suspended, the organizers are holding photographic exhibitions of the characters and an exhibition of carnival costumes throughout the month of February at Las Musas in Punta Cana Village, Blue Mall Punta Cana and the Punta Cana International Airport, which has been carried out by Grupo Puntacana since 2008.

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