“Closet stories”, the sentimental value behind clothing

Clothes can be considered a subject associated with fashion or an element to cover oneself from nudity. However, there are pieces inside the closet that, beyond the utilitarian purpose they may possess, bring with them a sentimental value.

Netflix, through its docuseries “Closet Stories”, supported this premise. The streaming service company compiled for the content of its production, testimonials from people who shared the fascinating and strange stories behind their most precious garments.

Based on the books Worn Stories and Worn in New York, both by Emily Spivack, the eight-episode series shows that clothing or the lack of it can bring people together, whether to honor the end of one life or celebrate the beginning of another, and that loss hurts, but also inspires.

The story of Diane and Paul, a nudist couple, contrasts the content of this documentary. When they went to live in Florida and saw that there were places where they could go naked, a door opened for them. They express that people usually associate nudism with promiscuity and exhibitionism, which they defend “is not so”.

The same goes for yoga teacher Niecey, who says that wearing a see-through top has contributed to her journey as a nudist. She decided to show her nipples to express her opinion and go against the current and the rules imposed by society. The 27-year-old model “thinks it’s unfair” to see men with their torso uncovered all the time, but women don’t see that, she says.

For Maxayn, an airbrusher by trade, clothing helps people connect with their loved ones. In making the T-shirt of a mother who lost her son, he says that painting T-shirts can sometimes be a very sad genre of art, but also a good way to help others remember fondly those who are gone.

A Columbia University logo sweater accompanied Mike on his journey to pursue his dreams. When he was six years old he became interested in science and space. When Nasa published the information that they were looking for astronauts, he sent an application and it took six months to get a response, which was negative. That didn’t stop him and he tried a second time, but he didn’t succeed either. As the third time is the charm, in that new application he did not receive any response document, but he received a call informing him that he had been selected. With his treasured coat he lived the experience of traveling to space. His most cherished wish.

The series also tells the story of Carlos, who spent eight years in prison. During that time he studied at the university. Upon his release from prison, his wife sent him a pair of jeans and a jacket from the Dogers baseball team. He describes them as “freedom” clothes.

These are just a few of the stories you can enjoy in the “Closet Stories” series available on Netflix. Each chapter leaves you thinking and leaves very important morals.

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