Karl Lagerfeld in a original campaign

The designer poses for the road safety

It is the publicity campaign about everyone is speaking these days: the road safety one that relates to the obligation from October 1, to have in its vehicle a safety jacket and the warning triangle.Yes, and then ? You must wonder what it has to do with Fashion…

And well, it is Karl Lagerfeld.Yes, the great designer poses for the road safety, and that marks the spirits.It was of course the effect that wanted to obtain the publicity agency Lowe Stratéus which managed to draw the attention of everyone, by almost linking in a surrealist way the image of a road seen every day by thousands of us with one of the greatest legends of the fashion world, known by everyone.The concept is dared and the slogan is great: It is yellow, it is ugly, it doesn’t match with anything, but it can save your life.

Then if the famous designer tells us to wear something ugly and that doesn’t match with anything, it must be really important !


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