The 2008 summer dresses

Heat and sun are here, and then we have to make the most of this time and show our beautiful tanned legs and shoulders by wearing nice summer dresses.

Here are some signed Kookai and Ba& Sh.
Ending just before the knee; they emphasize femininity with fluid cuts and bright colors.

Kookai Day 2 Bash Day Zou Dress Kookai Day Bash Day Feaster Dress

But the summer also means evenings and cocktails on the beach where the small dresses look great, bustier and wise as at sexy Kookai or turquoise as at Ba& sh.
Here, the belt accessories dresses and adds elegance, no matter if it’s a fluid and short dress as for Kookai or a semi-long and more structured one as for Ba& sh.

Kookai Night 3 Bash Night Nikos Dress Kookai Night 2 Bash Night Maxi Dress

However, the long dresses are not to be left in the closet…
Let’s proof it with these very pretty models that will allow you to play your princess all day!

Bash Long Kirsten Dress Bash Long Edna Dress Kookai Long

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