Abinader delivers renovated Children’s Hospital

President Luis Abinader delivered this Friday the refurbished Dr. José Manuel Rodríguez Jiménes Children’s Hospital, formerly Santo Socorro, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Ensanche La Fe, Cristo Rey, La Agustina, and other surrounding sectors and which will now be elevated from second to third level of care.

The president said that the work delivered was very necessary and that, despite the fact that these are works where large investments are not seen, they are of great importance for the population. “And what I want is for you to compare these budgets with previous budgets, and what was being done in each case. Because not only are they being done well, but they are making the people’s money more efficient with the transparency that is required, in a country that, as in no other budget in the world, there are not enough resources”.

The head of state congratulated the SNS in terms of the refurbishment of hospitals, describing the work as unprecedented, as shown by statistics and facts, and urged all citizens to take care of the infrastructure, so that it remains in good condition.

The most transforming president in the RD

Meanwhile, the director of the National Health Service (SNS), Mario Lama, said that President Abinader will always be remembered as the most transforming president of the RD, who changed the concept of the management of public funds, making them more efficient, transparent and transforming each of the sectors he has been in charge of in this government.

Abinader Hospital InfantilLama indicated that this is the third pediatric hospital delivered in Santo Domingo and that it entailed an investment exceeding DR 126 million, and added that what is happening in health is a great transformation that is already being evidenced in each of the provinces of the country, without exclusion, where health has been prioritized and transformed, not in promises but in works of social welfare that change the family dynamics, ensuring access and timely management of Dominicans, without privileges and making health universal and a right for all.

He highlighted that, as part of this government’s health transformation, the mental health area for infants in this hospital will start in April and also cited that more than 50 hospitals have been delivered and completely refurbished; more than 600 primary care centers have been delivered; the Marcelino Vélez Hospital was recently inaugurated; the fifth pediatric hospital, which will be the first regional pediatric hospital in the south, is in the bidding process; the Higüey trauma hospital is under construction; the first diabetic foot network in the country is being built; the completion of the burn unit of the Robert Reid Cabral Hospital is in the bidding process, among others.

Increased critical attention

Likewise, the Minister of Public Health, Víctor Atallah, emphasized that with this refurbishment they significantly increase the high level critical care that even in the most indisposed conditions, this government has worked under the vision of the president, who has been able to recognize the importance of health, pediatrics, primary care and the health of the country. “In health we have achieved a lot Mr. President, we still have a long way to go, but I am sure that under your vision leadership we will continue to change and improve”.

The work carried out consisted of the refurbishment of the entire center, which now has operating rooms, pre-surgical and post-surgical, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, with beds; rest and sterilization area. Also, the laboratory, sample taking, blood bank, X-ray, sonography, 32-bed hospitalization, two nursing stations, two offices for adolescents, special programs for tuberculosis-HIV, laboratory for special programs and laundry were renovated.

Present at the ceremony were the mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejía; the special advisor of the Ministry of Public Health, Eddy Pérez Then; the senator of Puerto Plata, Ginette Bournigal; Dr. Félix Antonio Cruz Jiminián; the deputy Jesús Ogando; the regional director of Metropolitan Health, Edisson Feliz; the director of the hospital, Richard Salcedo; as well as relatives of Dr. José Manuel Rodríguez Jimenes.

Also, the deputy ministers, Administrative of the Minerd, Julio Cordero; of Technical and Pedagogical Services, Ancell Scheker; of Educational Decentralization, Ligia Pérez; the directors, of Professional Technical Modality, Rafael Bienvenido Mercedes; of Arts Modality, Gerson Navarro and of International Cooperation OCI, Javier Venzan.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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