Clarius arrives in the country

In a significant advance in the field of diagnostic medicine, Fagil introduces the innovative Clarius brand of wireless ultrasound scanners. This new technology promises to transform the way ultrasound examinations are performed, providing greater mobility and image quality.

The Clarius wireless ultrasound imaging system eliminates the need for cables and bulky equipment, allowing healthcare professionals to perform sonography anywhere. Clarius devices are portable and seamlessly connect to mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, through a dedicated artificial intelligence-powered app for either Apple or Android that automatically delivers the best image.

Clarius offers exceptional image quality, enabling physicians and specialists to obtain detailed and accurate images in real time. This is especially valuable in critical medical situations where clear and fast visualization is essential for informed decision making.

In addition to its impact in traditional clinical settings, Clarius’ wireless ultrasound technology has the potential to revolutionize medical care in remote or hard-to-reach areas, as well as in emergency situations and natural disasters. Portability and ease of use make this system a versatile and powerful tool for physicians, paramedics, and healthcare professionals in a variety of circumstances.

With this exciting innovation, Clarius demonstrates its continued commitment to the advancement of medical technology and its positive impact on patient care. Clarius Mobile Health is distributed in the Dominican Republic by Fagil Medical, at Calle César Canó #452, En. El Millón, Santo Domingo, at 809-508-2800 or write us at whatsapp (809) 803-1550.


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