AILA reports 15% increase in passenger flow

A total of 600,000 passengers per month are being transported by the Las Americas International Airport, due to the fact that the capacity of arrivals and departures has increased during the summer months.

This was indicated by Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (Aerodom), who highlighted that the growth experienced is around 15%, when compared to 2019, which was the year where there was a greater number of tourists.

He said that around 470 flight operations are registered per week, which translates to between 60 and 70 flights per day, to different destinations.

He highlighted that this amount of destinations are served to the main cities of Europe, America and Latin America, such as Madrid and New York, the latter being the busiest with about 15 flights a day, both outbound and return.

Operational improvements

In order to receive the high number of passengers, the institution explained that the immediate solution was to refurbish all the aircraft aprons to be able to park more in the same space.

He pointed out that the airport has nine positions with boarding gates, to which several remote boarding bridges were added, either escalators or ramps, which will allow passengers to move quickly.

“We are creating remote boarding positions, as passenger demand has grown and exceeded the capacity of bridges with boarding ports,” he said.

New technologies

Likewise, he expressed that they have implemented new technologies through a digital system for the recognition of boarding pass (boarding card), which allows the validation process to be shorter.

They have also doubled the capacity of the security area, having more control stations, expanding the exit migration area and installing additional spaces to allow for more agile flows.

In addition, an industrial aviation kitchen will be built to supply food to the different airlines and commercial airlines that operate regular and private flights through this airport terminal. It is expected to be ready by the end of this year and will create 400 jobs.

He emphasized that the kitchen will be a great contribution to the aviation industry in the Dominican Republic, since it will be the most modern in the Caribbean, with the capacity to prepare food of the highest quality.

Time reduction

The processing time for each passenger at the airport has been considerably reduced, since it normally took about 40 minutes and today it is 20 minutes, stated the entity.


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