Dominican Republic to host more than 30 medical congresses

Medical congresses in the country will travel this year by high-speed train and will touch stations of virtuality and presential, as covid-19 evolves. More than 30 are already on the agenda.

Most of them will take place in the tourist area of Bávaro-Punta Cana. A few others will be held in the Dominican capital, Santiago and Puerto Plata, and one or two in La Romana. No medical society flew to other areas such as Samaná and Barahona.

The health journalist said that of the medical congresses on the agenda to date, 18 will be held in Bávaro-Punta Cana and only one in La Romana. Three will be held in the Dominican capital, two in Santiago and one in Puerto Plata. The others have no definite location, waiting to see which way the winds of the coronavirus will blow.

He explained that about 35 percent of these medical conclaves will be held virtually, a modality that could change if science and local and global health authorities put a stop to the covid-19 pandemic. Others will have a hybrid modality (face-to-face and virtual) and the majority will be face-to-face.

He specified that the Farma-Health Calendar 2022 is circulating in the country and in the Central American and Caribbean nations.

According to Pedro Angel, it serves as a useful tool for medical societies and other health actors for the dissemination and visualization of their congresses during the year, as well as for commercial companies to visualize their brands and connect with decision-makers.

He clarified that this year its launch in the country was postponed until the cases of coronavirus infection are under control and the pandemic subsides.

Resumen de Salud was founded 11 years ago by the journalist. It has been awarded twice as the Best Dominican Digital Newspaper by the Digital Media Observatory of the Dominican Republic.

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