Grupo Familia reiterates the importance of hand washing

Hand hygiene is essential to fight viruses and bacteria, that is why since 2008, every October 15 is celebrated the Global Handwashing Day, which represents the perfect opportunity to promote a culture of this habit, which besides being very simple and fast, brings great health benefits.

The year 2020 marked a number of changes in lifestyle, work and relationships, which contributed to raise the standards of hygiene and therefore the habits around this issue became essential aspects to prevent the spread of the virus of the COVID-19. In this sense, most people became more aware of the need to learn to wash their hands correctly and to do so more frequently. This is reflected in the “EssentialInnitiatives 2021” survey, a study by the hygiene and health company Essity, in which the data indicate that this practice has increased worldwide by 10.43% since the beginning of the pandemic.

Aware of the need to constantly raise awareness of this issue, the Institutional Family team has been carrying out training programs and campaigns on this process for more than fifteen years through its Wellness 360 program.

“The challenge is to generate awareness in each individual through activities and didactic material, to turn it into a habit and to make them aware that proper hand hygiene is a fundamental vehicle to save their lives, the lives of the people around them and their environment,” says Claritza Ramírez, Commercial Manager of Familia Institucional.

As a result, the brand’s culture and wellness executives in several countries visit hundreds of companies to give educational and demonstrative talks that are complemented with signage in the restrooms to reinforce the 11 steps for proper hand washing.

Since 2020, the brand has sensitized more than 100,000 users in more than 1,000 institutions in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic, and continues to develop new strategies to raise awareness among more people of the importance of washing hands correctly and frequently to stop the spread not only of PCVID-19, but also of a large number of viruses that cause respiratory and digestive diseases that can significantly affect health.

For Familia Institucional, Global Handwashing Day represents an ideal date to promote campaigns to help spread the message about proper hygiene practices that encourage health care. This pandemic has made more visible how easy it is to carry viruses, bacteria and germs and spread them in open and closed environments, so washing our hands this coming October 15 is a great celebration of this habit that has saved so many lives.

About Grupo Familia

Grupo Familia is a business group with presence in South America and the Caribbean, with more than 60 years of experience. Our purpose is to impact the lives of families at all times, generating well-being and health in a sustainable way through superior care, hygiene and grooming solutions.

The company has leading brands: Familia, Pequeñín, Nosotras, TENA and Familia Institucional. It also has direct operations in 8 countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

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