Minister of Health leads call to prioritize nutrition

Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel Rivera, led an energetic call to the Dominican population, urging them to prioritize the adoption of healthy eating as a fundamental pillar for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

During a day dedicated to promoting conscious eating, Dr. Rivera joined leading nutrition experts, Ministry of Health officials and collaborators of the institution to share valuable advice on how to raise the quality of daily nutrition and understand its benefits for overall health.

“A balanced diet is the foundation of a healthy life. We must be fully aware of what we eat and make informed decisions to improve our health and well-being,” the minister emphasized.

The Health Minister thanked the active participation of the collaborators and valued INFOTEP’s support in promoting healthy habits. “Working together to promote health and wellness is fundamental; we appreciate their commitment to the training and development of our population.”

At this event, Dr. Inés Abinader, a nutrition specialist from the National Institute of Technical Professional Training (INFOTEP), joined the Ministry of Health after participating in the Wellness Week that at the regional level is being developed by the eight countries of the Central America and Dominican Republic region, the (SE-COMISCA) and highlighted the relevance of healthy eating. “Proper nutrition is essential to stay healthy; we must learn to choose foods that benefit us and promote a better quality of life,” she said.

Licenciada Otilia Vargas, director of Human Resources at the Ministry of Public Health, shared her personal experience in adopting a healthy lifestyle and encouraged the institution’s collaborators to implement small positive changes in their daily habits.

“Every food choice we make is a step towards a healthier life and we must take care of our wellbeing,” she said.

This activity was held as part of Wellness Week, under the slogan “Your Health, My Health, the care we want, care we need”.

Also participating were Dr. Eladio Pérez, Vice Minister of Collective Health; Yocastia de Jesús, Director of Collective Health; Andelys de la Rosa, from the Chronic Diseases Division, and Patricia Grullón, from the Expanded Program of Immunization (PAI), as well as Miguel A. Bruján, head of the Directorate of Support for Health Promotion and Education (DAPES).

Also present were Dr. Gina Estrella, Director of Risk and Disaster Management; Luchy Vargas, from the Expanded Program on Immunization (PAI), and Altagracia Peña, from the Directorate of Standards and Regulations, as well as Rafael Ramírez, from the Administrative and Financial Directorate, and Yolanda Santurria, from the Directorate of Nursing.

During this week the Ministry’s collaborators will enjoy the experience of celebrating the Regional Wellness Party. This integration activity is especially dedicated to them as valuable collaborators of the institution.


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