Proven health benefits of ginger

Ginger is a spice that can be used in different ways.

Ginger is a healthy, delicious spice, with many nutrients and many benefits for the body and mind.

With a spicy flavor, it comes from the tropical rainforests of the Indian subcontinent, South Asia, and is used to aid digestion, reduce nausea and stimulate circulation, among others.

Likewise, this plant can be used in different forms – in powder, oil or juice – and in cooking it is a great ingredient for some dishes.

These are the most important benefits that can be obtained by consuming this plant, according to the sites Healthline and Psychology and Mind:

1. It is anti-inflammatory

Ginger contains gingerol, its main bioactive component, whose effects are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It is used to improve pain caused by diseases such as osteoarthritis and arthritis, among others.

2. Reduces nausea

This plant is used to relieve nausea caused by pregnancy. However, before consuming it, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

3. Reduces muscle pain

Ginger is also used to reduce or improve muscle pain generated by exercise. However, the improvement is not immediate, but progressive.

4. Improves digestion

It is also used by people suffering from digestive problems such as gastritis, constipation, among others, as it works as a stomach protector.

5. Reduces menstrual pain

Additionally, it is consumed by women who suffer from colic or menstrual cramps, as it reduces pain and can be more effective than medication.

6. Strengthens defenses

Ginger is also known to increase people’s defenses, so it prevents colds or flu from developing.

7. Lowers cholesterol levels

It is also known to reduce high levels of LDL lipoproteins in the blood.

9. Helps prevent cancer

Its high content of gingerol gives it anti-cancer characteristics. However, it should be noted that the plant does not cure the disease.

10. Protects against Alzheimer’s disease

Ginger, by containing antioxidant components, could directly improve brain function, which would help against Alzheimer’s disease. The plant also helps to reduce age-related brain dysfunction.

11. Helps in the fight against infections

The main component of ginger, gingerol, decreases the risk of infections, as the plant can inhibit the growth of different oral bacteria related to inflammatory diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

12. Helps with the throat

The plant also helps to treat throat inflammations, as it contains properties that allow treating infections.

13. Increases body heat

Ginger has a warming component that makes it highly recommended for people who are cold or have problems with body temperature.

14. Accelerates metabolism

The components of ginger manage to accelerate the metabolism, which is ideal for people who are looking to lose weight.

15. Increases libido

Ginger is also known to be a natural aphrodisiac that increases libido in people.

16. Prevents heart disease

It has cardiovascular benefits, as it allows to regulate the heartbeat and in turn the pumping it does in the blood.

17. Helps with circulation

Improves circulation in the body and increases oxygen levels throughout the body.

18. Helps to improve migraines

Substances in ginger help block the effects of prostaglandin, the substance that inflames blood vessels in the brain and causes headaches.

19. Anti-stress

Ginger contains properties that are good for reducing anxiety levels, which regulates stress states and generates calm in the body.

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