SeNaSa affiliates more than 57,000 senior citizens

The National Health Insurance (SeNaSa) enrolled more than 57,000 senior citizens in the first nine months of 2023. The revelation was made by Dr. Santiago Hazim during the celebration of the “International Day of the Elderly and National Day of the Elderly” who emphasized that these new affiliates are distributed among the different regimes and plans, an action that endorses the social protection policies that the Government has been developing.

“With these new affiliations, there are now 1,234,644, corresponding to the population aged 65 years or older who have a guaranteed right to health care. And, likewise, we continue to respond to the Sustainable Development Goals that call for reducing inequalities in health and contributing to improving the quality of life of those who are at that stage of their lives,” said the executive director.

In terms of gender, of the aforementioned number of older adults aged 65 and older, 53.35% correspond to women, while the remaining 46.65% are men. “Of these 1,234,644 affiliates, 87% belong to the Subsidized Regime, since we are the only Health Risk Administrator that protects this vulnerable population.”

He said that the Government is working to generate a positive impact on the health and welfare of the elderly so that they have support in their care “in a stage of life where everyone needs affection and protection to live a happy old age”.

He pointed out that this population segment also participates in a series of programs according to their health condition, so that the elderly can enjoy a healthy aging. Those who have any condition are attended through various programs implemented by the institution as part of the promotion and prevention that must be developed continuously.

The SeNaSA director invited families to “exalt the experience that time has woven into every gray hair and wrinkle of their loved ones by offering them the respect and care they deserve.”


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