Francesca Rainieri unveils challenges to increase luxury tourism in the DR

The RD is committed to diversifying tourism by strengthening luxury proposals in the country’s different destinations. However, the industry faces several challenges to enhance quality service: specialized training, multi-sector integration and strengthening the agricultural sector.

Francesca Rainieri, senior administrative vice-president of the Puntacana Group, explained that the country must consolidate in order to attract visitors seeking a different kind of stay.

“A luxury tourist needs that from the driver who transports him to the waiter who assists him to understand him and express himself in his own language”, she said, according to Diario Libre.

When explaining the factors that affect a complementary offer, he indicated that the regularization of the applications that offer short rental stays will add value to the tourism strategy, since a bad experience in a rental apartment detracts from tourism in general.

Rainieri offered his opinion after participating in the tourism panel of the “Business Vision 2024” forum of the American Chamber of Commerce of the RD (Amchamdr), in which he expressed that each destination has its challenges.

The panel was led by the economist and technical vice-minister of the Ministry of Tourism, Jacqueline Mora, who pointed out that there are 8,000 short-term rental properties in the country that have become an attraction for lodging.


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