Government takes Aerodom renegotiation for granted

The Executive Power submitted to the National Congress an addendum to the General State Budget bill for the year 2024, in which it modifies the amount of money to be received, adding the money to be paid by the Dominican Airport Siglo XXI (Aerodom).

Despite not yet having the approval of the National Congress, the Executive Power already took for granted that the new concession contract with Aerdom is a fact, so it referred the modification to next year’s budget, which is currently being studied by the legislators, according to Listin Diario.

Only last Tuesday, the Chamber of Deputies received the new contract signed with Aerodom, which consists of almost 800 pages, and precisely with this also entered the modification to the budget to take for granted that this money is assured.

The issue is that the National Congress must know, agree and approve the contract with Aerodom so that it can be included as income within next year’s budget, so the legislators will have a little more than a month to try to sanction both initiatives.

About this, the deputy of Opción Democrática, José Horacio Rodríguez, criticized the disposition of the Executive Branch: “Only when you are sure to control the Congress at your will do you send an addendum to a budget with modifications derived from the renegotiation of a contract that the Congress only took into consideration yesterday and has not yet read or approved”, he said through his X account.

The addendum proposed by the Executive Branch establishes modifications derived from the renegotiation of the concession contract with Aerodom, extended from 2030 to 2060, which would have an initial payment stipulated at US$775 million in favor of the Dominican State.

In this sense, with the incorporation of the referred resources, the total income of the Central Government for the next year 2024 would amount to DR$1,187,374.4 million.

Source: Arecoa


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