Meeting between Presidents Joe Biden and Luis Abinader begins

The meeting between Presidents Joe Biden of the United States and Luis Abinader of the Dominican Republic began at 12:45 pm in the Oval Room of the White House.

Both presidents addressed a brief message to the press prior to the beginning of their dialogue.

President Abinader is accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Alvarez and the Minister of Finance, Jose Manuel Vicente.

Other members of the delegation accompanying President Abinader on his visit to the White House are Ambassador Sonia Guzmán; Deputy Ministers Hugo Rivera, Anselmo Muñiz and Johannes Kelner; his assistants, Lourdes Herrera and Eilyn Beltrán; the President’s Press Director, Daniel García Archibald, and the Director of State Ceremonial and Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francisco Cantizano.


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