SNS continues to strengthen hospitals

The National Health Service (SNS) delivered this Wednesday DR 22,977,763.37 in medical equipment to the Francisco Moscoso Puello and Traumatológico Darío Contreras hospitals, with the purpose of strengthening the quality of the services they offer to their users.

At the Francisco Moscoso Puello Hospital, a three-transducer ultrasound, two portable X-rays with developer, a stationary digital X-ray, ten computers complete with UPS, a three-channel electrocardiograph and 25 five-parameter vital signs monitors were delivered.

The center was also provided with 80 multi-function manual mechanical beds for hospitalization, 20 mattresses for cabins, 25 secretarial chairs, three comfortable armchairs, four reclining clinical chairs and four benches for four people, for a total amount of DR 18,577,138.19.

At the delivery, the head of the SNS, Mario Lama, emphasized that the equipment is part of the needs identified by the personnel of the health center. He also recalled that three months ago more than DR 17 million in equipment was delivered to the same hospital, which means that this year around 35 million pesos have been invested in the health center.

“And there is more: we have launched a process worth DR 148 million for the Moscoso Puello, so it will be a total of DR 185 million in refurbishment. We are doing everything possible to strengthen the hospital, so we ask all collaborators to continue helping in the improvement process. You are an important part, you are essential in this process”, said Lama.

Later, the director of the SNS went to the Hospital Traumatológico Doctor Darío Contreras, where he delivered a stationary digital X-Ray and a table for orthopedic operations, equipment valued at DR 4,400,625.18. Lama emphasized that the investment will improve the care of trauma patients in the eastern zone, especially those most in need.


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