The Dominican Republic Trade Show in Miami: “this activity, which we put together in three weeks, was a resounding success”

In these last three years the name of the Dominican Republic has been taken as an example in the highest world instances through different reports of international organizations that evaluate issues in different areas, such as, for example, in economic matters, in the capacity to fight corruption, in the respect for freedom of press and expression, etc., all this thanks to the excellent management that the administration of President Luis Abinader has put into practice.

Putting in context and analyzing the actions of the current administration, it is verified that the country will continue marking a positive trend that until now has stood out in the different sectors. One way to corroborate this is to see the results that are being obtained in tourism.

As we published in Diario16, so far this year the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, led by Minister David Collado, had participated in the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) 2023, held in Madrid; in February, it had its participation in the fair Vitrina Turística ANATO 2023, in Colombia; in March, it was present in the Berlin Tourism Fair (ITB) 2023; and now in April, it was in Miami in its “Trade Show”.

In each of these events, the Dominican Republic has had nothing but success. To reflect the reality of this, it is enough to observe that, at Fitur, the Banco de Reservas alone, closed agreements and investment projects that exceeded 4 billion dollars.

At the ITB fair, this financial institution, which depends on the Dominican State, in more than 30 meetings with hotel investors, obtained tourism investments in excess of 525 million dollars, in addition to different agreements with airlines such as Condor and Swiss Edelweiss.

At ANATO 2023, among other things, the opening of an air route between Bogota and the Cibao International Airport in Santiago of the Dominican Republic was achieved, while in the most recent activity attended by this nation, the “Trade Show” in Miami, what was expected was obtained, agreements that contribute to Dominican tourism to continue in transcendence with the arrival of tourists.

Here, David Collado, reached agreements with 39 tour operators, airlines and travel agencies. executed with various tourism companies in Canada, the United States, Colombia and other countries in the region, including companies dedicated to luxury tourism such as Luxury, Signature Travel and Virtuoso.

“Tourism signed 39 agreements, among those we signed with the main Canadian tour operators, we signed with Avianca, also with companies in the field of luxury tourism, as well as with companies from the United States… this activity, which we set up in three weeks, was a resounding success,” said Collado.

Among the Canadian companies with which the agreements were signed are Air Transat and Sunwing Airlines; among the U.S. companies are ALG Vacation and the Expedia travel agency, while among the Colombian companies is Avianca.

The pattern that the Dominican Republic is setting in the tourism sector is the result of the successful implementation of the administration of President Luis Abinader. These results openly reveal the administrative knowledge of this governance and the ability to take full advantage of the financial security, democratic stability and, among other things, the structural solidity that the Caribbean country is experiencing today.


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