Hotel El Embajador: Dominican Republic Logistics Summit 2024

The Dominican Republic Logistics Summit 2024 (DRLS2024) to be held on April 17 and 18 in Santo Domingo, at the El Embajador Hotel, aims to strengthen the leadership of the RD as the regional logistics hub par excellence.

DR Logistics Summit 2024Organized by the Asociación de Navieros de la República Dominicana (ANRD), the Dirección General de Aduanas (DGA) and the Comité Nacional de Facilitación del Comercio (CNFC), with the support of leading entities in the sector, DRLS2024 highlights the competitive advantages of the Dominican Republic’s logistics sector, such as its strategic geographical position; high maritime, air and land connectivity; transit times; state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure; manufacturing excellence; economic and social stability, as well as the reliable legal framework offered by the country.

Topics to address:

During DRLS2024, the topics of connectivity, innovation, sustainability, logistics opportunities and nearshoring will be addressed by national and international experts in a day of keynote lectures, panel discussions and the special dissertation “Transforming Tangier, Connecting Continents: Tangier Med’s Multilevel Impact on Global Prosperity,” by the honorable mayor of Tangier, Morocco, Mounir Lymouri.

Dominican Republic Logistics Summit 2024 offers a unique opportunity to generate business connections, participate in business rounds with representatives of important international companies, national companies and key players in the Dominican logistics sector, as well as visits to high-level logistics facilities, among other activities.

“DRLS2024 constitutes a valuable support to the government’s plan to advance the country’s logistics development agenda, consolidating its position as a regional leader and key player in the global economy,” said the summit’s Organizing Committee.


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