Hotel expansion in Santiago: 600 more rooms in 2024

Santiago is growing with large construction projects being developed in tourism with 591 new hotel rooms that will be operating in the city by the middle of this year and the beginning of next year.

Five new hotel constructions are in their culminating stages in the Heart City, two of them very specifically are going to be involved in health tourism, starting with the hotel of the Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago (HOMS), which is a Residence Inn by Marriott that will be inaugurated this coming April 6, with 117 rooms.

Hotel SantiagoLikewise, the Santiago Center Hotel which is being built on Juan Pablo Duarte Avenue with Estrella Sadhalá, which will have 177 rooms.

Likewise, the AC Marriot Hotel, in the monumental area, which will provide 140 high category rooms, and the Hampton by Hilton Hotel with 114 rooms, also on Del Sol Street. In addition, a hotel is being built in conjunction with the Hospital Especializado de Medicina Avanzada (HEMA).


Another modality that is being used in Santiago for the construction of hotel projects are the condo-hotels, which are condominiums or remotenesses that the owners buy within a hotel operation.

Within the condohotels, there are two models, one is the vacation rental, where each owner operates his unit and rents it and does not have any limitation of use, that is to say, the owner decides for how long he uses it for himself, and for how much he rents it.

While, the hotel pool has limitations of use for the owners who acquire these properties, since they usually have between 45 and 60 days a year where the owners can use their condominium but the others must leave it to the operator to rent this condohotel, according to Listín Diario.

Ramón Paulino, president of the Clúster Santiago Destino Turístico (CSDT), expressed that the buildings which will come into effect during this year 2024 and the beginning of 2025, will have a great impact both in the health tourism sector and in the generation of jobs, since an important number of personnel per unit is estimated.

According to Adam Tazi, director of business development for HMS in Santiago, both modalities are profitable, as each has its own audience. He pointed out that in the northern region there are more than 30 projects of this format under development.


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