2021 Symphony Season begins in the Dominican Republic

The 2021 Symphony Season began yesterday at the Eduardo Brito National Theater in the Dominican capital and will run until 10 November.

According to the Ministry of Culture, this season will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the founding of the National Symphony Orchestra (OSN), currently conducted by Maestro José Antonio Molina.

Likewise, this edition will pay tribute to four important figures of the nation’s cultural sphere: Margarita Copello, late honorary president of the Fundación Sinfonía; the emeritus and associate conductors of the OSN Julio de Windt and François Bahuaud; as well as the renowned composer and conductor Papa Molina.

The Season will consist of five concerts, which will be held between August and November, conducted by maestros José Antonio Molina; Santy Rodríguez, assistant conductor of the OSN; and Jaime Morales, as guest conductor.

Likewise, each evening will feature a stellar soloist: Italian pianist Antonio Pompa-Baldi, pianist Jasmina Gavrilovich, Dominican violinist Aisha Syed, German violinist and member of the Berlin Philharmonic Anna Mehlin, and Dominican soprano Nathalie Peña-Comas.

Finally, the organizers of the concerts said that this year’s edition will also feature, as a special guest, a group formed by seven outstanding musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic.

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