Botanical Garden of Santiago: a jewel of nature

Santiago Botanical Garden: a jewel of nature in the Cibao Valley

The Botanical Garden of Santiago de los Caballeros, also known as Professor Eugenio de Jesus Marcano Ecological Park, houses a spectacular beauty in its more than 600,000 square meters, making it a jewel of nature in the Cibao Valley.

This magnificent ecological park and promoter of the rescue of endangered plants is located at Avenida del Botánico Dr. José de Jesús Jiménez Almonte, No 1, Santiago de los Caballeros.

The botanical garden was conceived as an exceptional space that will combine the conditions of a “Nature Classroom”, a theme park that will conserve the most emblematic botanical species of the Cibao Valley, as well as the banks of germplasm and genetic material of incalculable value of the Dominican flora. The botanical garden represents the main green space of this municipality.

This garden is zoned so that visitors can see the greatest possible diversity of specimens of the characteristic flora of the Cibao, emblematic species of the Dominican flora, as well as those that are in danger of extinction and of course, exotic species that are of landscape, scientific and botanical interest.

Access is totally free. Its interior is divided into several areas, and can be visited without difficulty.

The botanical garden also has a bicycle route on a separate lane painted red, which goes around the entire garden.

Among its areas are the Greta butterfly garden, arboretum, labyrinth, demonstration wetland, palmetun, cactus and succulents, aromatic and medicinal plants; mahogany gene bank, Dominican conuco, rose garden, nursery, café sinfín, Cristo de Misericordia, hanging bridge, hill gazebo, weather station, bicycle path, butterfly room, paths and trails, walking club, demonstration apiary, herbarium and art in the garden.

Each space in this park is designed for family enjoyment, ideal for gatherings of friends and social activities.

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