The Environment motivates quality and creativity through InnovA2023

As part of the different activities developed this November for Quality Month, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MMARN) held a conference in which several experts addressed topics related to transformational leadership, strategic perspective, productivity and disruptive management.

Officials and collaborators of MMARN and other state agencies, as well as representatives of different stakeholders of the ministry, participated in “InnovA2023”, which this year brought together renowned speakers Carlos Checo, Patricia Nanita and Ricardo Tirado, at the Gran Salón C of the Hotel Catalonia, in Santo Domingo.

The activity, which was attended by the Vice Minister of Protected Areas and Biodiversity, Federico Franco, is part of the celebration of the initiative “November, Quality Month”, organized by MMARN’s Quality in Management Department.

Carlos Checo, trainer and transformational leadership coach, highlighted the importance of generating new management models based on intellectual stimulation, collaboration and inspirational leadership.

“The key to moving from the transactional to the transformational leadership model is through collaboration,” highlighted Checo.

“How many times what we are is one collaborative step away from transforming the consciousness of a lot of people who are doing harm in terms of the environment?” he asked.

“When we transform the way we lead, we achieve sustainable transformation,” he added.

Meanwhile, the master in business creation and acceleration, Patricia Nanita, focused her presentation on the importance of identifying solutions and generating growth, through the search for ideas as a constant and disciplined exercise.

“When we talk about productivity, we are really talking about using the least amount of resources possible so that we can achieve our objective without affecting that quality,” she said.

For his part, economist and transformational coach Ricardo Tirado, who addressed the topic “Disruptive management and strategic perspective”, motivated the conference attendees to promote the changes they require based on an individual commitment that inspires the participation of others and, consequently, produce improvements in their daily professional activities and service to the public.

He focused part of his talk on the importance of learning about the six Ds of digital transformation: digitization, disruption, deception, demonetization, dematerialization, dematerialization and democratization. “One person is what it takes to start changing things,” he reminded.

In addition to MMARN officials and collaborators, the activity was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP); the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs; the Ministry of Youth; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development.

Also, from the National Health Service (SNS); the National Commission for the Defense of Competition (CDC); the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, together with the Ministry of Housing, Habitat and Buildings.

The event was attended by Yuderka del Carmen Arrendell, Agueda Suárez, Silmer González Ruiz and Daryelin Torres, directors of the areas of Planning and Development, Human Resources, Environmental Quality and Environmental Education of MMARN.

In closing, Junior Pujols, in charge of MMARN’s Quality Management Department, thanked everyone for their participation and recalled the importance of innovation management.


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