The Yuca (Manioc or Cassava)

A part of Dominicans’ life

Yuca, also called manioc or Cassava has the scientific name “Manihot esculenta”, “Manihot utilissima” and belongs to the “Euphorbiaceae” family which includes more than 7,000 species distributed throughout warm regions worldwide.
The most important varieties are the “manihot utilissima (“sweet cassava) and “manihot esculenta”, from which we get the tapioca.

The manioc or cassava is a root vegetable that comes from a shrub grown in tropical countries from America, Africa and Asia. It has a white flesh, covered with a crust of brown or dark brown and woody looking.
Advantages of consuming manioc

Cassava is a food rich in complex carbohydrates (starch) and other nutrients, of great importance in our daily food. It is a very suitable food for all ages and especially for situations that require great physical wear and for athletes.

It is very rich in complex carbohydrates, low in protein and fat, good source of B vitamins (B2, B6), vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron.The tapioca is a food easy to digest, rich in carbohydrates and energy. Therefore, its consumption is very suitable in situations of convalescence and in people suffering from digestive troubles (heartburn, gastritis, ulcer and colitis of any type).

Furthermore, both the Yuca and tapioca are not a source of gluten, which is why the problems can consume without people who have Celiac or gluten intolerance.




Both the tuber and the raw leaves are toxic to liberate hydrogen cyanide and other harmful compounds. For this reason, always cook before consumption. It is eaten cooked like potatoes, and is a staple food for many countries like the Dominican Republic.

Garnish : butter can be prepared by applying boiled, fried or roasted in oil to accompany a meat, fish or any dish.

Cassava cakes: The scones are delicious fried cassava in the form of pellets, which are made from cassava, butter, milk and cheese.

Tapioca : Tapioca flour is obtained from the variety “manihot esculenta”. It can be cooked with milk or vegetable broths, fried, roasted or make purees.

Cassabe : Cassabe is a foodstuff originating in Venezuela, the Amazon and the Dominican Republic, which is constructed from cassava. It is a crisp cake concocted the indigenous Tainos. They scratched cassava peel with wood rasp teeth with sharp stones.

After reducing the cassava pulp, it was introduced in Sebucán, a sort of sieve made of palm leaves woven.

The Sebucán (or Cebuco) was hung from a tree and there had to bear the weight of two or more men sitting in it, squeeze it until all the liquid poison of the mass. The preparation of this traditional food today incorporates certain technology, which mechanized presses and machines.

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