Inés Aizpún joins Arecoa as a professional columnist

The distinguished journalist Inés Aizpún joins as an article writer starting this weekend. For those of us who work in this media, it is a great joy to have the presence of such a qualified and prestigious professional.

Aizpún served until the end of January 2024 as director of Diario Libre, a newspaper she joined shortly after its foundation and in which she has held important positions Inés Aizpún 01as analyst and responsible for various positions of responsibility until reaching the top of the editorial staff.

Inés Aizpún, one of DR’s top journalists, characterized by her agile and brilliant style, will publish a weekly article on issues directly or indirectly related to tourism, as it could not be otherwise in a media specialized in this industry. A journalist with no strings attached for the country’s leading Dominican tourism digital.


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