The news is that Minister Collado travels to Pedernales

When it became known that the Minister of Tourism was traveling to Pedernales to receive the second cruise ship arriving in Cabo Rojo, more than one person exclaimed an oh inevitable, “Colado in Pedernales! Now that is news. Yes, it is. Something that should not be newsworthy, the presence of a Minister of Tourism in a destination promoted by the Government, was. What things happen in Duarte’s homeland.

Pedernales TurismoBecause Collado, with Freund or without Freund, has to be present in the milestones of tourism in the RD, and the arrival of the second cruise ship in the port of Pedernales was undoubtedly one of them. It is not a major milestone, as the first one was, but it is remarkable for the implementation of a great project promoted by Abinader.

The Minister of Tourism has to visit Pedernales often as he should soon visit Punta Bergantín. Pedernales needs Collado’s support as will Punta Bergantín, and all those sponsored by a government of which he is a part. Likewise with all private destinations, such as the one being promoted in Puntarena, in Baní, which is looking very nice, well planned and so close to the capital.

Collado must not make distinctions, he has to be present in the East, in Samaná, in the South and in all the tourist places of the country, mature or to be developed. Over and above philias and phobias, state or private proposals. In all the relevant places where a minister has to go because of his intrinsic condition, totally apart from egos. It should not be news that Collado goes to Pedernales. It should not be…


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