Raquel Peña: “Key air sector to strengthen tourism”

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, highlighted the important role played by the country’s aviation industry in strengthening the tourism sector and boosting its economic growth.

While participating in the Global Civil Aviation Implementation Symposium that began in Punta Cana, the vice president said that air transport has been essential to strengthen the country’s international connectivity and strengthen its position as one of the leading economies in the region.

“This space is to learn from success stories in the implementation of security measures, understand the impact of air operations on the environment and explore concrete Raquel Peña Aviaciónstrategies to promote a sustainable future in the aviation industry,” she added in offering her assessment of the symposium on behalf of the Dominican State.

The International Civil Aviation Organization and the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) began the work of the ICAO Global Implementation Support Symposium (GISS) last Tuesday, April 30, with a call to governments to strengthen the capabilities of the aviation industry to promote sustainable development and ensure that all citizens of the world enjoy the growing benefits of civil aviation.

Important bilateral agreements

The president of the ICAO Council, Salvatore Sciacchitano, who led the opening ceremony together with Hector Porcella, director general of IDAC, anticipated that during the Symposium important bilateral agreements would be formalized between that organization and the member states, according to Listin Diario.

“These agreements will further support the development of air transport through initiatives focused on infrastructure development, training programs and technology exchange,” said the ICAO’s top authority.

Porcella thanked ICAO for selecting the RD as the venue for the event, granting it the honor of being the first country in the Americas to host this global civil aviation meeting.

“When we accepted the challenge of organizing this 2024 edition of the GISS, we did so aware that it was not only a decision of the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute, but a commitment of the state, the private sector and the entire aeronautical and airport sector of the RD, with the support of President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado,” he said.

Source: Arecoa.com

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