Dominican Republic very optimistic about participation in Cali

After three years of the formal establishment of diplomatic and trade relations between the Dominican Republic and the People’s Republic of China, among the main results is the 300 percent growth of Dominican exports to the Chinese market.

This was stated by political scientist and sinologist Luis González, who recalled that the signing of the establishment of relations between the two countries on May 1, 2018, was done under the principle that there is only one China, which implied the rupture of relations with Taiwan.

He denied that the Chinese government used so-called “wallet diplomacy” to gain recognition from the Dominican Republic, as Taiwanese officials claimed at the time.

Likewise, Gonzalez said that the willingness of both the Dominican and Chinese governments to boost their bilateral relations was the only thing that prevailed for that agreement, as has happened with the other countries that have established relations with the People’s Republic of China.

“It was based on the principle of one China, recognized by all countries. There was no wallet diplomacy,” he said.

He highlighted the importance of relations with the People’s Republic of China at the present juncture, when the U.S. government, led by President Joe Biden, seeks an understanding with the Chinese government, which was evidenced in the recent summit of the U.S. leader with his colleague Xi Jinping.

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