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President Luis Abinader highlighted that the investment of more than US$400 million by Meliá Hotels International and Falcon’s Beyond Global, for the construction, development and remodeling of several tourism projects, will impact the economy of the entire country and generate thousands of direct and indirect jobs.

US$170 million will be invested in the construction of Kathmandu Park, US$180 million in two hotels for adults and children, as well as US$50 million for the refurbishment of its existing hotels.

While participating in the announcement of the new investments, the President affirmed that the Dominican Republic’s tourism model is a world reference and will continue to be so due to investment offers and bets such as the one referred to by the Spanish group.

The president, accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, and received by the CEO of Falcon’s Beyond Global, Cecil D. Magpuri and its Executive President, Scott Demereau; the CEO of Meliá Hotels, Gabriel Escarrer and the COO, André P. Gerondeau, assured that the world is in permanent change, but the Dominican Republic is ready to lead it.

He cited as proof of the strength of the investment in the tourism sector that, in the case of Katmandu Park alone, it will generate some 600 direct jobs with a projection to double this figure in indirect jobs.

Abinader recalled that since he came to government he has been supporting multiple investments, in different sectors and regions, without rest, always seeking that goal. “Today, in Punta Cana, we return to support investment in leisure and services. A sector in expansion and that brings with it stable quality work and economic generation in multiple sectors directly and indirectly,” he stressed.

And he added: “This is already a palpable reality: everyone wants to invest in the Dominican Republic and your government is here to guarantee that they will not make a mistake with that choice”. Punta Cana has always been a focus of attraction for talent and companies and even today it continues to be that engine that pushes and is more alive than ever.

“Commitment, sustainable, productive investment, and employment. That is what is here today. They are a source of pride for all of us. Their exemplary work and dedication in all these years are worthy of recognition and support,” he said.

Abinader indicated that, together, the public and private sectors will achieve the great changes and adjustments that the country needs and will achieve what they have always pursued; to be the best destination in the world.

He added that in leadership they also seek to be innovative, so he is happy to see projects like this one, which bring great added value and are in line with the ambition and plans of the government in its international promotion.

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