From Suarez, to Felipe and Garr, history of the hits record

I cannot prove with a scientific recipe, if the days in the era of “Climate Change” are shorter, but from my cubicle in front of the Caribbean Sea, I can feel that January is going at Formula One speed, with curves of Dengue virus, Covid and a flu that is worse than a coercive measure.

The facts fly by and the samples are the Crisis in the COD that is like arepa, a Round Robin of jump and fright, one more day of the judicial situation of Wander Franco, the contract of Juan Soto and a political campaign that has already begun to sow its traces of a dirty war that will leave more scars than the Cold War.

But as in this country we are like “Chicle Adams” that we adapt to any bite, let the ball bite and spread because “na e` na”, but it is healthier that we make a parenthesis to remember the exploits of Olmedo Suarez, Felipe Alou and Ralph Garr in the LIDOM hits box.

On January 15, 1959, 65 years ago today, the Águilas Cibaeñas defeated the Leones del Escogido 3-2, where Felipe Rojas Alou (El Panqué de Haina), hit a double and a single to reach 73 hits in the campaign and break Olmedo -El Chelito- Suárez’s record of 72 in 1953.

Felipe Rojas Alou’s mark was in force until January 16, 1971, when in the last game of the regular series, the Estrellas Orientales defeated the Licey 5-3, where the outfielder of the pachydermos, the North American Ralph Garr fired his 105th hit against right-hander Milcìades Olivo, establishing an unbreakable mark. Garr established his record in 238 innings, where he set an average of .457, batting leader.

Ironies of baseball, when one looks at the so-called reinforcements in the Lidom teams in 2023-24 we must conclude how we have descended in quality.

And if we want to make some comparisons, let’s look at outstanding campaigns of imported players of the past.

Alonzo Perry, Licey, in 1953 averaged .293, with 11 home runs, 53 RBI, 11 doubles, 4 triples, 16 stolen bases.

Willie Kirkland, Escogido, in 1955-56 batted .284, with 9 home runs, 60 hits and 37 RBI.

Jim Beauchamp, Licey in 1970-71 batted .387, with 14 doubles, 6 doubles, 7 homers and 51 RBIs.

And for samples other buttons like Dick Stuart in 1957-58 with the Aguilas, Ken Landreaux, of the Aguilas in 1980-81, Ralph Bryant with the Escogido in 1986-87 and Steve Garvey with the Licey in 1972-73.

Today’s imported reinforcements are short wings that the fan forgets in the blink of an eye.


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