Experience music in its most authentic form at Solofest 2024

The Solofest initiative, by the group Solo Fernández, is back to captivate its followers with this music festival in its 2024 edition to be held on February 3 at La Logia, Santo Domingo.

The line-up for the third version includes, in addition to the trio Solo Fernández, Clubz, Riccie Oriach, Midnight Generation, Snenie, Poolpo, MaJa and Dahlias, under the production of ceteinvita, Vibrar Studios, Faifa and Solo Fernández.

“We are very happy to be able to return to Solofest. Our intention has always been to seek an organic growth of the musical ecosystem and our entire artistic community,” stated a statement sent to Diario Libre.

“Colleagues with whom we share the mission of adding art with weight of transcendence to the Dominican culture and to build bridges to the rest of the world. This festival is made with a lot of love, with the intention of making it an event for everyone who attends,” they said.

With a musical trajectory that has left its mark on the alternative industry, Solo Fernandez returns to celebrate music in its most authentic form in an event that promises to be a sonic journey that will include his musical hits and a line-up that includes other artists that will bring their colors and creations.

Source: Diariolibre.com

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