Government announces incentives for medal winners at Pan American Games

The Minister of Sports and Recreation, Francisco Camacho, announced the incentives provided by the government headed by President Luis Abinader for medal-winning athletes competing in the XIX Pan American Games Santiago 2023.

According to Minister Camacho, individual and team athletes will be awarded, regardless of the number of athletes in the team, as well as special funds for the federations to distribute to coaches, masseurs and other people involved in winning medals.

Gold medal athletes will receive an incentive of 350,000 pesos, silver medal winners 200,000 pesos and for bronze 150,000 pesos.

“Young man, you have just won 350,000 pesos”, said Minister Camacho to weightlifter Dahiana Ortiz, for being a gold medalist and who was present at the meeting with the press held in one of the halls of the National Stadium of Chile Julio Martínez Prádanos.

The official informed that in team sports, “each athlete will receive 250,000 pesos for gold, 175,000 for silver and 150,000 for bronze.

“We are here in Chile supporting personally and on behalf of President Luis Abinader all our athletes who worthily represent the Dominican flag in these Pan American Games and with these incentives what we seek is to motivate them to give their best for our country,” said Camacho.

Personnel involved in the medal winning process such as coaches, doctors and masseurs have also been taken into account.

“They will receive a compensation” through the corresponding federation to be distributed among those specialists mentioned. In the case of gold they will receive 700,000 pesos, silver 500,000 and bronze 300,000. “With that we have taken into account all the Dominican who have influenced so that you are putting us on the medal table and the sports map of the world,” said Camacho.

The meeting with the press was attended by the Dominican ambassador accredited in Chile, Fausto Liz; the president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Garibaldy Bautista; the head of mission, Jorge Blas Díaz, and the medalist athletes Dahiana Ortiz (gold in weightlifting), Bernardo Pie (silver in taekwondo) and Jonathan Ruvalcaba (silver in diving), as well as the Olympic medalist in taekwondo, Luisito Pie, who is not competing in these Games.

Dahiana Ortiz thanks

Gold medalist Dahiana Ortiz thanked on behalf of her fellow athletes for the government’s support and the announcement of the incentives made by Minister Camacho.

“We are very grateful for that support, thanks to President Luis Abinader, the Ministry of Sports, Creso, the Dominican Olympic Committee and our federations. We will continue to represent our country with pride and dignity,” he said.


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