Government carries out simultaneous social operations in the community of Monte Grande

The Government, through the Dirección General de Bienes Nacionales, CORDE and the Consejo Estatal del Azúcar (CEA) carried out a medical operation where hundreds of people from the community of Monte Grande, where a hydroelectric plant of the same name is being built, were attended.

The activity was headed by the head of these institutions, Dr. Rafael Burgos Gómez, who emphasized that together with the consultations, medicines against diarrhea and for blood pressure were also delivered, as well as vitamins, baskets for pregnant women, wheelchairs, contact lenses, food rations and mattresses.

The operation included a lunch, where Mr. Burgos Gómez shared with the residents to listen to their needs and look for solutions as much as possible.

The community members thanked Mr. Burgos Gómez for his interest in the situation of the families and peasants who will be evicted from the area of the dam, to whom he guaranteed that President Luis Abinader will keep his word to relocate them and compensate their properties.

Days before this medical operation, Burgos Gómez went to this area, where he met with representatives of the peasants and promised to honor the economic commitment that the Government has with small and medium producers, who were displaced from their lands to make way for the construction of the Monte Grande Multiple Dam Project.

As part of this action, after which the peasants and community members of this area held a day of protest at the installations of the project, an official commission went to the site for a survey of the properties and areas that will be intervened to be incorporated to the hydroelectric project.

The official also guaranteed that next Wednesday a multisectorial commission will come to the Monte Grande community to make a critical route of the different work fronts and to define the follow-up of each one of them.

In the activity, Burgos Gómez was accompanied by several officials of Bienes Nacionales, CEA and CORDE.


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