Metropolitan Zone II maintains first place in the medal standings of the X National School Sports Games

The Metropolitan Zone II retained this Sunday the first place overall in the medal standings of the X National School Sports Games organized by the National Institute of Physical Education (Inefi) in Barahona and three sub-sites.

After the sixth date of the multi-sport school games, Metropolitana II has accumulated a total of 47 medals, including 19 gold, 11 silver and 17 bronze.

The great leap was made by the El Higuamo region, which climbed from sixth place to second, after a great performance on Saturday in the weightlifting tournament, where it won eight gold medals, five silver and one bronze.

This harvest of medals allowed Higuamo to move into second place with 13 gold medals, seven silver and 10 bronze, to reach 30 metals and displace Cibao Norte.

Third place is occupied by Cibao Sur, which was fifth and now has nine gold, seven silver and 18 bronze medals (34 in total), while the Northeast maintained its fourth place with seven first place medals, six second place medals and seven third place medals, for a total of 20.

Cibao Norte, which was second, now dropped to fifth, with six gold, 13 silver and eight bronze medals (27), while sixth place goes to the Metropolitan I zone, which has 26 medals (six gold, eight silver and 12 bronze).

The Southwest, which was eighth, took seventh place, with six gold, six silver and eight bronze medals, for a total of 20, and El Valle is eighth, with one gold, five silver and 11 bronze medals (17), while the Northwest is in ninth place with 13 medals, including four silver and nine bronze medals.


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