Abside Dominicana training meeting

Abside Dominicana trains on ERP-based business investments

Abside Dominicana brought together entrepreneurs and technology leaders in a training meeting in which the optimization of business capital was the central theme and was addressed by financial advisor Felix Rosa, known in social networks as “The Money Coach”.

Participants learned about the options for increasing business income using the same capital and how the use of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system makes it possible to make better decisions in this process.

“ERP makes business decisions efficient, economical and more accurate, since it connects information from all departments and processes; based on this, it is possible to have specific information on when and how to implement an action, including investments,” said Johnny Molina, regional director of consulting.

According to Molina’s presentation, risk reduction is one of the most important benefits of ERP, since these programs maximize visibility and control of the business, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and identifying risks that can be mitigated as soon as possible.

It was pointed out that this data is precisely what makes it possible to predict at what times of the year part of the company’s capital can be invested and during what period of time, thus allowing economic growth for the business that generates greater opportunities.

According to Abside Dominicana’s expert, ERPs are the equivalent of a company’s nervous system, and nowadays these softwares can be integrated by small to multinational businesses. The advice of a specialist in the area is essential to choose the right ERP, as well as to train the staff that will be interacting with it.

This leading company in innovation and digital transformation is a partner of SAP, one of the world’s leading producers of business process management software. Abside has presence in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, United States and Dominican Republic.

Source: Eldinero.com.do

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